Carter Publishing Studio, Inc., was established by Laura Carter in 1997. Having spent her career in various branches of the publishing and printing industries, Laura brings over 30 years’ experience as a typographer, publication designer, proofreader, copy editor, typesetting department manager, electronic publishing specialist, and service bureau guru to the table. She spent much of the 90s developing and running the electronic prepress department of a respected Midwestern periodicals printer, so she knows exactly what is required to get a book or magazine from the computer through the printing process most efficiently and economically. As the owner and chief operator of a publishing design and production company for the past 16 years, Laura has developed a network of skilled freelancers—layout artists, graphic designers, copy editors, proofreaders, illustrators, and photographers—who she can call on as needed to handle the creation of thousands of print and digital pages every year, as well as the composition of an online-only medical journal.

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